The 2011 National Nursing Ethics Conference

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will be held in March in Universal City, California.

This is an opportunity for nurses in a range of specialties to learn and discuss and think more about personal values and the values of the profession and how these values mesh with the aims of care for patients, limited resources and professional responsibilities.

Another purpose of the conference will be for nurses to engage with each other to examine more closely the obligations of nurses that are set forth in the nursing Code of Ethics.

The conference will help not only bedside clinical nurses but also nurse administrators and managers, nurse educators, advanced practice nurses and social workers.

Discussions and presentations at the conference will center around the challenges nurses face in acting ethically, the practices now in use that exemplify the Code of Ethics for Nurses, the role of values and character in acting ethically, the types of treatment that are not ethical and how to handle them, and moral distress and moral courage.

With regard to nursing ethics, the American Nurses Association has established a number of recommendations. These include the recommendation that nurses champion human rights for patients, other nurses and communities. The ANA also recommends that nurses promote ethical practices by fostering work environments that support accepted standards of practice.

Other recommendations include enhancing nursing practice by refusing to engage in care that would cause patient quality of care to suffer. Where there are conditions that compromise the ethical practice of nursing, the ANA recommends that nurses contact nursing organizations for help in improving conditions. Nurses also need to be aware when they may have conflicts of interest with patients, healthcare institutions, employers, or other agencies. The ANA also promotes collaboration among nurses and other healthcare professionals to establish environments that foster ethical behavior. Nurses also should work to further discussion of ethics and human rights among the profession and also support healthcare policy that aids in access of care for everyone.

The ANA considers the protection of human rights as they relate to heath and healthcare a fundamental element in the practice of nursing. Nurses champion patients' rights, especially those whose rights may be in greater jeopardy. The human rights of patients, nurses and citizens of the communities in which nurses practice are important to nurses, and nurses must work to safeguard those rights in the healthcare environment. The profession of nursing is founded on respect for the "worth, dignity, and human rights of every individual," according to the ANA.
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The 2011 National Nursing Ethics Conference

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