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Whenever a patient is in need of assistance, the system of radio and wireless nurse call is what can help. It is similar to a warning system which can alert the nurse right away to attend to the patient. It ensures increased efficiency by the hospital staff. The wireless nurse call devices are also easy to use as well as install. With such devices getting more and more advanced, though the initial expenditure may be a little high, it is something really useful and there isnt much of cost involved after the installation. Besides it minimizes the cost of setting up a wire system. Using a wireless network is more convenient than the hard wired units with electric wires as these systems thus have the advantage of flexibility and mobility.

The working of the wireless nurse call system is also very convenient. Whenever a patient needs the assistance of the nurse, the patient presses on the CALL button on the provided handset and as soon as the nurse attends the patient, the handset can be reset to stop the alarm. This also ensures no negligence since the nurse must attend to the patient immediately. These systems also have the facility of being updated from time to time.

The nurse call system basically consists of a main panel receiver with an LCD screen. The panels have internal aerials which omits the need of wiring it to an external aerial. The transmitter units are battery operated and they are connected to the main receiver via radio. This helps
distinguish the location and the nature of call, also maybe the urgency of the call. However these high tech devices need care and maintenance. Since in hospitals, such a device is under constant use, its maintenance post installation should not be neglected.

There are several kinds of radio and wireless nurse call devices available in the market with different features and methods of usage. There can be wristbands for easy access to the alarm
system, waterproof devices through with help of which calls can be made while in the bathtub or in wet environments. Several other devices are used to detect the uneasiness of a patient automatically or to detect patients who wander out of their wards. Exit doors can be easily detected by automatically raising an alarm alerting the nurses. There are chair and bed sensors, and also pressure mats to alert when patients leave their bed. In cases of epilepsy, wet bed or a fall there are special wireless nurse alert systems.

Based on the same technology various other medical alert systems are also installed in hospitals. For example even if a staff is injured or harmed they have separate alarm systems assuring nurses
a safe working environment. One of the many reasons for installing radio and wireless nurse call systems is to ensure a proper and caring experience during the patients stay in the hospital. Thus the investment of hospitals for installation of such a system would be worthwhile.
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Radio And Wireless Nurse Call

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This article was published on 2010/12/16