Nursing Job - The Noble Profession

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Everyone thinks of a career that gives them all what they need, in return for their skills and expertise, but how about a profession where in one has to love and care for an absolute stranger, A job; where one should selflessly care for a total stranger, who is in pain and agony. Yes it is the noble profession of Nursing, which has changed lives of many Indian nurses who work abroad, they have dedicated themselves to this profession, leaving their families and loved ones, working in foreign countries. It is true that they earn handsome salaries working abroad when compared to salaries what they earn in home country.

Though nursing started as profession in England but today India has literally become the production hub for the world that supplies qualified and skilled Nurses to the International community. Nurses from India have overcome all barriers of culture, language, food, race, and ethnicity and have spread across continents. They are greeted with great love, compassion and respect, offering them citizenship and permanent residence status with salaries at par to other professionals in the medical fraternity. A Nurse in the European countries would earn their annual Indian salary in one month, thats what makes this profession attractive for many of the new generation nurses who have joined those several hundred institutions that offer nursing programs across India.

The most number of nurses come from south India, especially from state of Kerala, which is considered to be the production hub of well-qualified and skilled Nurses. Nursing profession has changed life of many Nurses and this was possible after the acceptance of Indian Nurses across the developed countries which had exceptional healthcare system. This success of nurses have set-off a trend of bringing up the females into Nursing education, In certain parts of Kerala, almost every family will have at least one Nurse, and most of them would be working abroad, many of them have settled in those countries accepting citizenship of that country.

Countries like the UK, US and even some of the Middle-Eastern countries have been hiring Indian nurses for the several decades. The other countries that welcome Indian nurses are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Rome, Libya, South Africa etc

This extra ordinary huge success of nursing profession in developed countries have even prompted many males to choose this as a career, there are even nurses who are either science or commerce graduates. The major reason for such a turn out male nurses in large numbers was due the five and six figured salaries that are offered abroad.

Nurses are a crucial and essential part of healthcare Industry, this was made possible after the legendary Nurse Florence Nightingalestarted this dedicated service, which has grown even larger than what even Florence Nightingale would not have ever thought of when she started this as a service to God and took over nursing as a career and made it to a respectable profession for women and later even men joining the profession to reap benefits that is achieved out this great profession.
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Article writen by Ranjan Abraham an employee of HarNeedi, a job portal for healthcare and pharma domains. One could find a huge list of nurse job openings in India by registering into HarNeedi.

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Nursing Job - The Noble Profession

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This article was published on 2010/10/25