How to Find a Nursing Job

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The nursing demand has brought about many opportunities for individuals to pursue employment in an enormous array of nursing fields; however, there is such a huge selection to choose from, how do you find a good nursing job? That is a very valid question to ask, because nurses fresh out of graduate school have no clue where to begin to look, or for that matter how to choose which nursing job is the one they want. This is a little inside information that may help a new nurse to find their way to a good nursing job.

1. Gather you credentials, certifications, and all evidence of internships and references that will help you to create the ultimate resume. Many programs online assist people to write their resume systematically. The key to getting the job you want is writing a good resume. You need to inform, and intrigue with your prospecting employers with it. Make sure you print many duplicate copies, because you are going to need to distribute them to all places you apply to.

2. Once your resume is developed, start by searching online, or in your local classifieds to look for a nursing job. If you choose the classifieds, there will be most likely many jobs for RN's, LPN's in the paper and the contact information will be listed. The best thing you can do is to go the destination personally, and look your best to turn in your resume, and discuss your motives to whoever is in charge of hiring.

3. If you choose online as a portal for your nurse employment endeavors, be sure to look locally on some of the local hospital websites. They usually have online applications, and allow you to forward all your proof of credentials and your resume. Make sure that you give them the correct contact information so that they can call you for an interview.

4. When you are searching for that job, if you choose to travel and provide home care nursing the best thing you can do is go straight down the phonebook to every place that is assisted living, home-care, and nursing homes and call them to find out if they are hiring. Chances are that you will have no problem finding a few that are.

These are some major steps to find a good nursing, and with as many as there are out there, you should have no difficulty landing a job quite quickly. 

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If you are considering a career in nursing, or other assisted health care, you should consider being a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA training is provided by many local vocational schools and colleges. The CNA test can be difficult, but with proper preparation can be taken and passed on your first try. Many CNA schools offer CNA classes that are both affordable and available to take either at night or on-line. This is a wonderful way to change careers without quitting the one you are currently working in.

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How to Find a Nursing Job

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This article was published on 2010/03/27