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Can you imagine a hospital without nurses? They are the backbone of any hospital and key element of patient care. They make sure their patients are well looked after and help their patient's families as well to deal with illness and helping their loved ones to a speedy recovery.

If you have finished your nursing degree and are looking out for a nursing job, there are many different ways in which you can find one. Just follow a few steps and you're sure to be recruited in no time.

• Firstly make a list of all the places you wouldn't mind working. Some nurses want to work in smaller clinics while some in bigger hospitals. Once you know what you want and also what you don't it becomes easier to make a choice.

• What you can also do is contact employment and nursing agencies. Think of them as insiders in any job. They know of jobs that are not known to the public and also know of vacancies before they are advertised and have the advantage of applying first. You are assured of choices with a nursing agency and can apply to many jobs simultaneously before making a choice.

• You will find many portals online where you can simply upload your resume and it is visible to recruiters all over the world. You may just get a better opportunity than you imagined. There are also industries specific portals like healthcare, management or overseas jobs in particular. So use the internet well and look for a nursing job online.

• If you can visit the Human resource department of hospitals, clinics, and wellness centres in your community. You can ask if they are hiring and if they aren't you can leave your resume behind. Rest assured if they have a vacancy in the future, they will contact you for that nursing job.

• If you can't find a job immediately you should consider a trainee job. Any trainee job is a great way to be retained permanently in to the organisation. It's also great to get a feel of the place of work and actually decide whether you want to stick longer.

• Other places where you can find nursing jobs are schools and university health departments, insurance companies, retirement homes, rehabilitation clinics.

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Finding a Nursing Job

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This article was published on 2010/03/27