Different Paths in Nursing

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The good thing about nursing is that there are so many different avenues that you can pursue once you have earned your license and finally become a nurse. The reason that nursing is such a demanding career, is that there are many specialties and types of nursing positions out there that one can choose from that it can be somewhat hard to pick from, yet that's also a good thing as well. Depending on what it is that you want to specifically get into within the field of nursing - you can be certain that there is something that will be a great fit just for you.

There are different types of nurse levels that you can opt for: licensed practical nurse (LPN), registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP), certified registered nurse anesthetic (CRNA), among many other great nursing career options that are available to you to choose from. Many nurses will also start out by becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to gain invaluable experience and knowledge before going off to nursing school. This is a good stepping stone and a great way to learn new things while getting an inside peak in nursing and could even serve as a great job while in nursing school. You can choose to work in a hospital with other nurses, in a long term heath care facility, in a nursing home, a school, hospice care, or on private duty in-home cases where a nurse can take care of the patient in the patient's home or another designated location.

Along with all of the above options to keep into consideration, there are different specialties within the field as well. Some nurses choose to go into emergency care, critical care, surgery, pediatrics, burn units, family practice, dermatology, and many more - just to name a few. One great option that many people may not know about is that you can also be a nurse in the military and become an officer after you graduate as a nurse with a bachelors degree and have completed the appropriate R.O.T.C. program. This can give you an enrich educational experience and open up many more doors that you probably never even imagined. Other nurses may even opt to continue their education and even go on to medical school to become a doctor. No matter what you decide on, there are a ton of great nursing options that are out there.

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Different Paths in Nursing

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This article was published on 2010/04/01